Sunday, February 22, 2009

Matt Kenseth Wins Auto Club 400 at California

I’m a little ambivalent when it comes to Matt Kenseth. On the one hand I have nothing against him, but on the other hand, I’d rather see one of “my boys” win instead. I’ve met Kenseth a few times in my life and he’s always a nice guy. The first time I met him, I had someone else take a picture of us and he cut me out of the picture. I saw Kenseth a few weeks later and when I told him what happened, he gave me a hug and made sure the picture came out before he let me leave.

I was also lucky enough to see/meet him at Eldora one year and I’ll never forget the drunk race fan behind me. She kept screaming, “go Matty” and calling him Matty repeatedly. Kenseth still remained as nice as ever, smiling at her and promising to do his best. I can’t see him now (even on television) without thinking about that moment.

It’s nice to see Matt Kenseth back in Victory Lane again and see him pick up two back to back wins, especially after last season. He also gave us a good and interesting race, which isn’t something we see a lot in NASCAR anymore.

As for my boys…they didn’t do so good. Harvick crashed out of the race, but Kurt and Kyle walked away with a top 5 finish. Considering how poorly Kurt did last season, it’s definitely good to see him bouncing back again. Plus Stremme finished 13th, which might show that he’s a little better than some think.

1 - Matt Kenseth
2 - Jeff Gordon
3 - Kyle Busch
4 - Greg Biffle
5 - Kurt Busch

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