Thursday, February 19, 2009

Married NASCAR Drivers

When I first started watching NASCAR, there were dozens of unmarried drivers. That shouldn’t be so surprising, given that it was only a few years ago. Now though it seems like that number is slowly fading away. I was shocked when they announced Carl Edwards was married, not to mention when they casually slipped it in that Elliott Sadler got married during the off season too. Where did all the married drivers come from?

The number of unmarried drivers is quickly dropping lower and it makes me wonder about the women who actually marry these guys. Jeez, can you imagine how hard that would be? I’ve seen the garage and pit areas before, and there are hundreds of pit bunnies circling around. I’d imagine that if you marry a driver, you either have to be really confident…or never let them out of your sight!


  1. We can still hold out hope for Kyle...though I did dream he got married and had a child...freaky!

  2. He'll probably get married soon enough. His girlfriend's pretty hot :-)