Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What I've Been Up To

In the last few months since posting, I've managed to stay fairly busy. I went to the Coke 600 in May, which is best known for being pushed back to Monday (for the first time in history) and ending early because of rain. I then started to the Prelude to the Dream event before it was (sad) postponed because of rain. That was very sad because I purchased a ticket for my cousin and she made the three hour drive.

I also made it to the Brickyard, where we camped at the track yet again. That was a fun experience and I recommend everyone do it. That trip was notably because I took my new (at the time) boyfriend, who went in as a Dale Jr. fan and left, not only hating Jr, but loving Kasey Kahne. I capped off the season by hitting Eldora for the postponed Prelude race.

I plan on posting here more often, but I'm also found at a few different sites too:

Kevin Harvick Examiner

The Biff Files

Shortly I'll be working at 4-wide and The Final Lap. Big thanks to Katy for finding those sites first! Katy, in case you don't know, is the co-author of The Biff Files. She's also starting up Skirts and Scuffs and if I ever get off my butt and write up a bio, I'll be writing on there too.

In addition, I've also been approved as a writer for Suite 101. Most of those articles will focus on architecture and historic preservation, but I'm sure at some point you'll see an article (or two!) on NASCAR.

I promise not to forget this site though! I plan on posting new stuff shortly about my experiences meeting other drivers, after all, I still have a dozen or so to go...