Sunday, March 15, 2009

Missing Bill Davis Racing

When my best friend and I went to Charlotte last year, we took a side trip to High Point, North Carolina. The point of that side trip was to find Bill Davis Racing, where their top driver was Dave Blaney, an Ohio boy. After spending several hours driving in the wrong direction and about to give up the ghost, we found ourselves at the Bill Davis Race Shop.

That trip to Bill Davis Racing and their race shop was one of the highlights of our trip. Their shop was completely open to the public, unlike other shops where you’re hidden behind a plate glass window. We had the chance to walk right into the race shop and wander through the shop, only feet away from the cars, including the car Blaney drove in that year’s Coca-Cola 600.

The staff on hand were incredibly friendly. They didn’t mind that we hung around for a little longer than we should, playing with the dog and talking. They actually encouraged it. I think we were both just in shock that there was a dog in the race shop. We immediately made a mental note to return on our 2009 trip.

Sadly though Bill Davis Racing no longer exists. In the off season they sold to another company that now focuses on making engines and other racing parts. If you missed out on seeing Bill Davis Racing and their race shop for yourself, it was an unbelievable experience. It’s sad that other teams don’t take a page from their book and open things up a little more for fans.

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